Catholic Charities, Diocese of Trenton


Catholic Charities Is a nonprofit agency that offers mental health, poverty-reduction, and social and crisis services to individuals and families, particularly those impacted by trauma and adversity for over 100 years.  They Provide essential services to more than 100,000 New Jersey residents every year. Services include but not limited to, meeting basic needs with food, clothing and shelter, as well as specialized treatments for addiction and mental illness, and domestic violence programs to help end violence in homes.

Seeds of Service

Seeds of Service is a community outreach center located in Brick NJ. It was established as an outgrowth of The Ministry, Visitation Relief Center of Visitation Roman Catholic Church. The grassroots efforts of The Ministry, Visitation Relief Center began shortly after Hurricane Sandy in November of 2012. The Ministry’s mission was to focus on improving the process of receiving assistance and increasing access to resources in times of adversity or need. Today it is providing 28 services to the sick, the poor and the needy in Ocean County. All services are provided free to all registered families at SOS

Association of Vincentian Charities of Brooklyn


Established in 1930, The Association of Vincentian Charities of Brooklyn program is a Catholic outreach program which assists those in need, they are a recognized 401c Catholic charity.  The donations proceeds go towards the local neighborhood parish’s food pantry and various parish assistance programs. Majority of the donations also goes to the burial assistance program for the residents of the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens to assist with the burial of poor and needy deceased individuals, adults without any family, and to assist parents with the burial of their stillborn or deceased infants.

Blessing Bag Brigade

Blessing Bag Brigade NJ is a IRS tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to showing compassion and humanitarianism towards those in need, BBB is Committed to aiding the homeless and educating the public.