Our Mission

To assist our partners in their strive for community service, as part of this mission, we pickup gently used clothing and shoes from churches, Donation boxes. We even service people from the comfort of their home to pickup at their convenience.
We believe in giving your clothing another life and giving you the means and chance to help someone in need.


To collect and save used clothing, shoes and other textiles from ending in land fills.

To provide our charities with resources for stacking Food Pantries and assisting in local church programs.

To support and maintain issues that have a direct effect on our communities: Homeless, Foster care, Abuse and Rehab

To provide funds through donations to help our charities in order  to help and support people/families in need.

Our Services

clothing services

Church Drives

Home pickup Services

Donation Bin Host Program

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School Drive PTA Assistance


Frequently Asked Questions ABOUT DONATIONS

Yes, donation receipts are available to all donors upon request.

Donations to Recycle America Clothing are provided through our charities and local churches upon request for families in need

Clothing items donated to Recycle America Clothing  are not used for rags or otherwise destroyed. All clothing will be redistributed to help those in need, whether it is given to a family, or to help raise funds for our programs.,

Recycle America Clothing accepts donations of clothing, shoes, textiles and small toys Monday- Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm by appointment through the app or by phone.